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Annual reports, minutes of the meetings of the Board Of Directors, committee reports, AGM summaries and other documents organised by year.

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Forms and information relevant to Official Observers, badge flying and record flying

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Planning for and competing in soaring contests

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Presentations and documents on getting started in cross-country flying and improving your cross-country flying skills

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ff2012-cover-sizedOur Magazine

Searchable free flight Index

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National Archives

First, there is a great deal of historical material on Canadian gliding residing at the National Archives in Ottawa. It was gathered by Christine Firth, largely in the 1970s. It is not that easy to access but is certainly available to anyone wishing to do research into the sport.

SAC Historical Data

Ursula Wiese has researched, written, and maintains SAC's ongoing record of sporting and volunteer activities. It is a multi-volume .pdf file called The Book of the Best. It grew out of a need, when she was the editor of free flight in 1981 and 1982, to fact-check articles or to expand on information in the magazine. It was difficult to easily answer questions such as, "Who was SAC president in 1959?" or "Who earned the Canadair Trophy in 1972 and what were the details of the five flights that won it?"

The information in these files is now updated as it is received.

The 1/1995 free flight was a special double-sized issue commemorating the 50th anniversary of SAC. It contains an interesting assortment of articles and tid-bits outlining some of SAC's colourful history.

folder Safety and Training

Documents and resources related to Safety and Training

folder Trophy Application Forms

Applications for the Roden Trophy, Janzen Trophy, and Instructor-of-the-Year Trophy