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2020 / 1

A recount of a husband and wife 1000km flight from December 2018 out of Cu Nim, Winnipeg Gliding Club welcomes their two new PW-6s, shared reflections on a flight from CVVQ, FTSC's 2019 annual report,SAC's new safety grant, The Thermal's interview with the creator of, Part 1 of 'Lookout: How the Eye Can Lie", three generations of Diamond's, and a fliying dispatch from Seminole Lake Florida. Plus, many of great member photos!

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2020 / 2

Anecdotes from the front seat and back seat of a record breaking climb from Fall Cowley, the birth of an XC pilot, a rescue in the Rockies, flying stories from Japan, Cowley and Namibia and a look back to the 1976 Nationals.