Air Cadet / Youth Fund

 The purpose of the Air Cadet / Youth Fund is to provide annual gliding and soaring training bursaries for Air Cadets and Youth members of the Soaring Association of Canada. The bursaries shall be available to any SAC Air Cadet or Youth member according to the terms of the SAC Youth Bursary Program. A link to the fund deed can be foud here:

If you are a young person who is interested in learning more about the SAC Youth Bursary Program, more information can be found here.
Donations are always being accepted for the Air Cadet / Youth Fund and all donations to the fund will receive a tax receipt. All funds donated will go towards helping young people further their gliding experience by providing bursaries to offset the cost of gliding. If you would like to give young people the opportunity to further their gliding experience by making a donation to the Air Cadet / Youth Fund, please contact the SAC office through any of the channels shown below.