The Soaring Association of Canada (SAC) maintains an inventory of soaring related articles for sale to its members as well as to all other enthusiasts of the sport. A variety of supplies, including books, badges and selected promotional materials are available directly from the SAC office.

Books from International Authors

Description Price HST 
10 Soaring Accidents that Almost Happened - Steve Dupont $12.00 no
11 Soaring Meteorology for Forecasters - SSA $16.00 no

SAC Crests, Pins, Cards

Description Price HST 
14 Lapel Pin - Glider $10.00 yes
17 SAC Lapel Pin - enamel $3.50 yes
18 SAC Lapel Pin - pewter $6.00 yes

 Manuals & Flying Aids

Description Price HST
19 Glider Pilot Log Book - each                                                                          
$15.00 yes
20 Glider Pilot Log Book - Set of 20 $275.00 yes
21 Bilingual Glider Pilot Training Record Book $4.50 no
22 Bilingual Glider Pilot Training Record Book - Set of 10 $39.00 no
23 Soar and Learn to Fly Gliders $20.00 no
24 PLANER et apprendre - piloter des planeurs $20.00 no

Instructor's Pocket Book and Handbook (pair sold together) -

For Instructors - revised 2003

$12.00 no
26 Instructor's Course Manual - revised 2007 Free no
27 Cockpit Checklist (set) - CISTRS-CO (blue)/ SWAFT (orange) $1.50 yes
28 Cockpit Checklist (set) - CISTRS-CO (blue)/ SWAFT (orange) - set of 12 $12.00 yes
30 Glider DI Booklets - each $3.00 yes
31 Glider DI Booklets - group of 10 $25.00 yes

 FAI Supplies, Certificates, Badges



32 FAI Certificates Free yes
33 FAI A Badge - silver plate pin $3.00 yes
34 FAI B Badge - silver plate pin $3.00 yes
35 SAC Bronze Badge $3.00 yes
36 FAI C badge - silver plate pin $6.00 yes
37 FAI Silver badge - cloth 3" dia. $12.00 yes
38 FAI Gold badge - cloth 3" dia. $12.00 yes

Note: Badges are free when awarded by the badge chairman following successful completion of badge requirement. Pricing above when an individual requests more than one badge.

Please enclose full payment with your order which includes price of article(s), and $6.00 to cover postage and handling for small packages. Larger packages shipped at actual cost.  Ontario residents please add 13% HST on applicable items.

Your payment should be made by cheque or money order or call the office to pay by credit card.

Send your order to the address listed in the Contact Us section and do not forget to include your Name, Address, City, Province, Postal Code and Telephone Number.

This web page is maintained according to the most recent information received on behalf of the Soaring Association of Canada.