National Team Support

SAC supports the Canadian National Soaring Team and Canadian Junior National Soaring Team so they may strive for excellence on the world stage. Financial support is provided through several avenues.

World Contest Fund
The World Contest Fund receives funds through the interest earned on the Wolf Mix Fund. The money in the World Contest Fund can be used by the team to fund a portion of the team’s costs to participate in the World Gliding Championships. All donations to the World Contest Fund or the Wolf Mix Fund are tax deductible and SAC is able to provide tax receipts as a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association.
Membership Dues
SAC also supports the National Soaring Teams through the dues paid by SAC members. A maximum of $10 from each paid SAC member goes to support the National Soaring Teams. In order to gain access to this funding, the National Teams must raise 50% of the required funds through other means (fundraising through raffles, donations, personal funds, etc).

Because of the generous support of SAC and its members, the National Soaring Teams have participated in several international events since 2008 and have steadily improved their personal performances and also the standing of Canada in the IGC rankings.