2014 free flight | vol libre

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Shivering (effect of cold on flight), into the woods (quicksand in the Gatineau Hills!), the “S” curve and the flattening of glider performance, 2014 Nationals, flying MAT and TAT tasks, attempting the holy grail (a DDD), the ladies meet Chris Hadfield, racing to Melita (the 1966 Nats), manpowered ornithopter goes to museum, PIOs in training flights, motion induced blindness, what the job of "free flight" editor is all about.

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New SAC website update, pilots of mythology, 672 k triangle in an ASW-15, 500 FAI triangle in a Russia, hangar collapse at CAGC, XC in the French Alps, MayFly 2014, a remote landout under Centre Peak, Jay gets his Diamond Goal flight, the "reincairnation" (repairing the gliding xairn on Centre Peak, uncompromising flight discipline, undershoots during instruction, tales from 1964 – a Nats fatality, 1-26 Travelling Trophy new rules, perceived risk is not actual risk, 31 records from one flight in Australia, Dick Georgeson obit.

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Introducing the SAC Board of Directors, 2013 annual safety report, competing in the Nats at the low end of the performance curve, the good and bad aspects about fear, 2013 Sporting Committee annual report, the big sim (building a 6 degrees of freedom gliding rig), History of the Air100 glider, hard landings during instruction, wing runner checklist, major effort at Sporting Code simplification fails, Cu Nim– a dynamic club, 2013 SAC insurance report.

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New SAC grant to clubs for hosting contests, a club's electronic "presence", ubuntu (on a friendly club atmosphere), how I spent my summer vacation (teen solos in gliding and power), going to the desert (a Moriarty contest), comparing the Shark and LAK-17, perceptual factors that cause disorientation in flight, the turning cone illusion, club safety cultures – lethal to excellent, André Dumas obit, notes on contest letters.