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New club in Lethbridge, decisions on a cross-country, Canadian Nationals 2013, flight along a Rockies convergence zone, great flights in great eastern weather, a Diamond flight that almost got back home, decision fatigue, Junior Worlds in Poland, a retrieve adventure, history of the Cosim vario, current competition seeding list, be quiet around the aircraft during preflight.

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Uncertain FAA rules, 1000 km in the Egret, into the woods!, 2013 MayFly, analogies on a glider flight, the quest for Nick, never too old to learn (ridgetop winds), new compact gliding simulator, new 13.5m glider from LAK, working hard at hardly working, a simplified Sporting Code, Gordon Bruce obit, training points for instructors, setting up for failure (allowing flight errors to pass unremarked), Hold Fast to Your Dreams (book by George Lee)

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clubs using social media to advertise, a vintage T21 comes to Canada, human factors articles (on perception, fear, and effects of adrenaline), air cadet flying in Terrace BC, 2012 annual reports (Sporting, FT&S, accidents, Marketing, Airspace, Insurance), readying for Junior World Gliding comp, PowerFlarm in Canada, mid-air incident story at GGC, membership retention through skills enhancement (the performance triangle), Charles Yeates obit, la vie d'un pilote Fran├žais au Canada, local training flights for skills, crash analysis from Italy, current records table

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Gliding is the answer (answers to member growth), gliding in Bahia, high and fast (100 speed records in Cowley wave), Adolfo Gonzales Chaves (contest crewing in Argentina), an Omarama get-away, just a little faster please ("real" MacCready soaring), Bailout!, in praise of old gliers (history of Vintage Gliding Assn), winning the Boomerang trophy, the Risk Assessment matrix (a checklist on if you should fly today)