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OSTIV Training and Safety Panel Introduction

“The Organisation Scientifique et Technique Internationale de Vol à Voile (OSTIV) is the international organization for scientific exchange in the world gliding community.”

There are three separate panels within the umbrella of OSTIV:
1) the Meteorological Panel (MP);
2) the Sailplane Development Panel (SDP); and
3) the Training and Safety Panel (TSP)

Currently SAC is involved in the TSP, with Ian Oldaker as our representative. At present, we are not involved in the other two panels. “The TSP collects and discusses safety records from member countries, compares training methods and successes, and develops strategies for mitigating risks through safety and training initiatives.”

You can read more information about the history, goals, and accomplishments of the TSP here.

~Information submitted by Dan Cook, FTSC Chairperson~

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