SAC Safety Improvement Grant Program

Safety is one of SAC’s highest priorities and the SAC Safety Improvement Grant was introduced to assist clubs with safety-related expenditures with the ultimate goal of improving the safety culture at clubs across Canada. The SAC board of directors has committed to a 3 year term for the program with grants of $40,000 for each of the 3 years, providing a total of $120,000 to clubs to support safety improvement initiatives.

The goal of the Safety Improvement Grant is to improve the safety culture at clubs across Canada by encouraging clubs to think about how they can improve safety and also encourage compliance with SAC’s National Safety Program. Disbursements for the grant program will be dependent on the club complying with several requirements of SAC’s National Safety Program which includes the submittal of yearly Safety, Accident & Incident Reports to the National Safety Officer, the completion of a Safety Audit and will also require the club to have a Club Safety Manual in place. A full account of the requirements can be found in the table below:

Program Year

Requirements for Grant

Completion of Previous Year Safety, Accident & Incident Report*

Completion of Club Safety Audit within Last 3 Years

Club Safety Manual in Place










*If club has not yet turned in its 2014 Safety, Accident & Incident Report, will be required to submit its 2014 report to the National Safety Officer before being eligible for the 2015 disbursement. Otherwise, Safety, Accident & Incident Reports are due on December 1st.

The phased approach used to determine whether a club is eligible for the disbursements will reward clubs for compliance with SAC’s National Safety Program with the goal of full compliance by every club by the end of the 2017 season.

The grants will be allocated to each club based on the total number of paid SAC members on June 30th of each year of the program, with every club receiving a minimum of $500. Using 2014 membership numbers, the estimated grant allocation would represent about $45 per paid SAC member. Please note that this is an estimate and actual allocations will be dependent on membership numbers on June 30th. Clubs will receive a letter outlining their allotment on June 30th of each year of the program.

To apply for the Safety Improvement Grant, clubs should contact their Zone Director outlining their plans for the grant. If the expenditure is not one of the approved items below, the Zone Director will consult with the SAC Board and the Flight Training & Safety Committee to review the proposed expenditure. Following approval from the SAC Board, clubs can then proceed with the expense and will receive reimbursement by mailing receipts for the expense to the SAC Office and also sending copies via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SAC is willing to consider any safety related equipment or initiatives that will enhance safety. Maintenance of equipment is not considered an enhancement. Below is a list of recommendations but if your club has another idea for the grant, do not hesitate to contact the Zone Director to verify if it would be eligible.

Recommendations for SAC Safety Improvement Grant:

  • PowerFLARM units

  • Radios

  • Transponders

  • EAF (energy absorbing foam cushions)

  • Sailplane tracking devices (Spot, Spider Tracks, etc)

  • Parachutes

  • Stall warning systems

  • Landing gear warning systems

  • Ballistic recovery systems

  • Replacement of Schweizer hooks with Tost on tow planes

  • Pulse oximeters

  • Instructor training & upgrades

  • Attendance at Safety or Instructor Clinics

  • First aid training

  • Airfield safety improvements

    • Obstacle removal

    • Runway improvements

    • Safety signage

    • Movement control (fencing, security camera, gate locks, etc)

    • Tie downs

    • Fuel, battery, oil storage improvements

    • Weather stations

    • Pool noodles (protect trailing edges or runway traffic control)

  • Airplane UV covers

  • Pilot training & safety meeting expenses

  • Additional fire extinguishers and First Aid Kits

If clubs are interested in making a large safety-related expenditure where the cost will exceed the grant amount for the club for a given year, clubs can apply for the grant to cover the remaining amount of a larger expenditure made in the first or second year of the program. For example, if a club elects to equip its entire fleet of aircraft with FLARMS in 2015 with a total cost of $10,000, the club can apply for the grant in 2016 and 2017 and use the grant to offset the $10,000 expenditure.

SAC hopes that all clubs will take advantage of this significant grant and find ways to maximize the benefit of the grant to improve the safety culture within our clubs.