Pacific Zone Director

Bruce Friesen


Bruce has been fascinated with aircraft from an early age, but only after a familiarization flight in 1969 did he find his passion – the glider climbed, without an engine! Since 1983 he has pursued that passion to extract as much energy as possible from the atmosphere and to play chess with the sky, focusing on long flights in his wooden Standard Austria, the Scarlet Lady, and his Discus, Kilo Lima Lima. Not a tow pilot or an instructor (Class 4 medical), Bruce hopes he can contribute to the sport of soaring in Canada as a member of the SAC Board. He is retired and living on the West Coast, but is a bit of a soaring vagabond, enjoying flying at new sites. When not soaring, he can be found at the Canadian Museum of Flight at Langley Airport, polishing old aircraft, and promoting soaring to the aviation-minded folks he meets.