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Presentations and documents on getting started in cross-country flying and improving your cross-country flying skills


pdf CNL3 InboundIFR KOGS Popular

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Overflights of the Brockville Regional Tackaberry Airport (CNL3) by IFR aircraft inbound to Ogdensbury, NY (KOGS)

pdf Cross Country Speed Optimization Popular

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Cross-Country Speed Optimization.pdf

pdf Cross-Country Philosophy Popular

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XC philosophy 101.pdf

pdf Cross-Country Strategy Popular

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pdf Cross-Country Strategy Popular

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pdf Flight Analysis Popular

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pdf Flying Faster Popular

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pdf Introduction to Cross-Country Popular

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Intro to XC.pdf

document Landing Out Popular

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document Meteorology for Soaring Pilots Popular

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Met for Soaring Pilots.pps

pdf Notes on Weather Websites Popular

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Notes on Weather Websites.pdf

pdf Outlanding Popular

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pdf Psychology and Contest Flying (Inner Game) Popular

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pdf Solving the Speed Run How we broke the 200kph barrier Popular

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Solving the Speed Run - How we broke the 200kph barrier.pdf

document Thermalling Popular

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document Thermalling Basics Popular

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pdf Training for Cross-Country Flying Popular

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pdf Transitioning To Advanced Cross-Country & Contest Flying Popular

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Transition To Advanced.pdf

pdf Understanding Airspace Files Popular

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pdf Weather Links for Soaring Pilots Popular

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Weather Links from Dave.pdf